Albion Online PK Blade & Soul

upalbion Date: Jul/14/16 13:54:20 Views: 1334

Summer holiday is here! And for many of us that means a lo of great games are about to be released or be available soon to play test!




Blade & Soul North America is currently a hot topic with a lot of members trying it out and they are raving about the skill oriented action combat and the fun they’ve been having hamming it up! (Wrestlemania ftw!)

Albion beta is set for testing Monday November 23rd last year. Like all tests we want to see what’s fun in this game now that it’s undergone a lot of changes. Personally I enjoy taking other people’s stuff, so I’m definitely planning lots of small scale roams for Albion online gold!

In the meantime we’ve got Sunday Night fights in Heroes of the Storm with our very own relaxed tournament team run by Denkstrum and Rowlf, GW2 Heart of Thorns action with Kodiak, and an Ark Survival Evolved server set-up and run by Bwaite! Here’s a bit more of what we’re trying in Ark.