Benefits of Joining a Albion Online Guild

upalbion Date: Oct/28/16 04:51:53 Views: 3629

Guilds are a very popular feature on Albion Online. They can be created by anyone that has 2500 silver in his inventory. Guilds can't be created anymore with gold. Max number of members a guild can sustain is estimated to be 300 members. Being in a guild has many benefits, such as territory claiming and guild vs guild battles.


Below are benefits of joining a guild:


  • Have fun.
  • Gathering, refining and crafting guild (dedicated crafters); in this type of guild you can expect hard grinders that love to gather, refine and craft. Dominating the markets.
  • All-round guild (just ezpz) is this type of guilds you can do whatever you feel like to do. Do you want to gather 'be my guest, do you want to do some dungeons (pve) 'be my guest. 
  • The noob friendly guilds are probably something for you, they will answer all your questions and help you with everything.
  • 'Hardcore' PvP guild (boom), in this types of guild they probably want more advanced players. Players who played Albion Online in Alpha and Beta stage. You can expect hard focus on PvP builds and PvP'ing 9 or 10 times.


You can find a guild that you need. And there are guild recruitments on reddit or forum you can see. As a member you can do a lot, you can talk to one of their officers (or other higher ranked players) and tell them what bothers you.


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