Changes that Albion Online Needs in PvP/PvE

upalbion Date: Oct/30/16 05:25:24 Views: 1493

Before the Albion developer indicated that the game needs developments, changing the focus back to PvP/PvE activities should also be a good opportunity to review the fame values for armor/weapons. So here are proposed changes in PvP or PvE.


Players stopped being encouraged to do fun/OW activities and instead are "forced" to gather and wait for LP. Add to that the fact that it's hard to walk around the world and that GvGs were reserved for the bigger alliances atrociously outgearing the smaller ones and you get part of the problem.


So, basically you have no incentive to do a single gateway after the first day. The fame values are completely inverted, and people warned about it after that last shadow patch in staging a couple days before BETA 2. There is no logic in forcing everyone to walk alone around gathering for hours and hours (without finding a single node not depleted, by the way) and devalue every PvE/PvP activity. Gathering should be harder than in BETA 1, but surely not the main "gate" for the gameplay progression. The gate for progression needs to be on PvE/PvP, not on gathering. Progressing your weapon/armor needs to be way harder and more rewarding.


It is time to recognize that there are way too many black zone plots/dungeons/territories for the handful of guilds that have access to it. Although the traveling changes could ease things a bit and the new additions to hellgates/raids/gateways could be good, there is some more core gameplay changing needed. Here are some suggestions on it.


1. Add yellow zone/red zones clusters with gear soft cap GvGs for guilds to grind their way up. Add restrictions to it as you will (such as less crafting bonuses). Add more GvG routes from this new formed yellow/red zone to the black zones would finally connect things.


2. Remove a good part of the red zones/black zones dungeons and make it trans-cluster again. To balance things out increase the portals spawn rate.


3. More traveling changes will be needed. Without going much into it as it's not the intention of this topic, naked travel between black zones, road faster traveling and direct ship destinations between some black zone clusters (similar to the musters) are a few ideas.


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