Galahad Patch 1.0.319: New Changes And Fixes Made In Albion Online

upalbion Date: Apr/14/17 10:54:57 Views: 1388

Since the Galahad update has recently just been launched for four weeks, Albion Online have been very busy with updating new patch for the new content. The latest title to join the spotlight is the Version 1.0.319. Here are the details:





 • Updated Marketplace

      Direct selling now requires a confirmation (that can be disabled).

      Switching to the Complete-tab now resets the search filter.

 • Reputation Changes

      Increased reputation gain from PvE by 33%, unless the player is suspicious where it is increased by 50% and nefarious/dreaded levels where it is increased by 100%.

      Lowered reputation attack penalties by 50%.

      Lowered reputation knockdown penalties by 50%.

 • Combat Changes


         Damage Buff Cap: 200% -> 150%

         Invisibility spells make you invisible to all players now, including allies. (Makes it impossible to cast buffs like Arcane Beam on invisible allies.)

      Empower Beam:

         Max damage decrease: 140% -> 100%

         First tick damage buff: 50% -> 20%


         Max damage decrease: 60% -> 50%

         Initial damage decrease on activation: 15% -> 5%

      Slit Throat:

         Damage is now split into instant damage (60%) and damage over time (40%) - Total damage output stays the same

         Cast Time: 0.4s -> 0.6s

 • Reduced amount of fame and silver gained in red zone by 10%.

 • Increased amount of fame and silver gained in outlands by 10%.

 • Increased amount of fame gained in hellgates by 10%.

 • The Keeper Seer, Boss of the Expert's Sellsword Keeper Expedition (Tier 6), will now use his lightning storm if there are no more allies around or his own health has dropped to 50%.

 • The Morgana Demon Prince's lost purse has been found. Now he will drop silver again after being killed.

 • Updated focus costs for meals, potions and related craftables to match latest balance.

 • Increased the amount of fame gained from studying from 1x crafting fame to 2x crafting fame. This ensures that crafting with focus can turn a market profit in the long run.

 • Added and fixed a lot of localization issues for all languages.




 • Fixed an issue where player inspection would not show gear.

 • Fixed an issue where mount Gallop would stop for no reason.

 • Fixed an issue where you were unintentionally recovered 1000 reputation per day while at suspicious level. Recovery is now 0 at suspicious level as originally intended.

 • Fixed the item value for Royal armor sets according to enchanted items. This change also affects and balances the repair costs.

 • Fixed an issue where the displayed item power didn't include the mastery level bonus.

 • Fixed an issue where crafting gatherer gear does not count towards filling the Toolmaker's Journal.

 • Fixed an issue where Royal Gear had wrong crafting recipes.

 • Replaced the placeholder icon for furniture chests.

 • Fixed an issue where the whisper channel was not activated in the help chat by default.

 • Fixed an issue where Novice, Beginner and Journeyman potions and meals (and bread) were not benefitting from focus cost reduction bonuses from the Destiny Board.

 • Fixed an issue where the indicated area for undead soldiers channeling spell wasn't right.

 • Fixed an issue where after scheduling a GvG fight, it was still possible to click the attack button.

 • Fixed an issue where the guild Attack Schedule would not update properly after scheduling an attack.

 • Fixed an issue where the mini-worldmap would not properly display current location.


More news about other future patches that may be released for Galahad update should be made available in the near future. Be sure to stay tuned at for more.