Game Player: The PvE in Albion Online is Lacking

upalbion Date: Jun/01/16 16:16:36 Views: 1326

I have read that some players won't drop phone/tablet support to make the game better for PC users which is completely understandable, but the tablet/phone players will rarely do pvp or guild pvp. you need to put a lot more PvE into the game.


Albion Online


Then here is a question: is the open world static and not instanced? Is there only 1 server? what happens when launch and 10k people rock up and spread out, to have hundreds on each map fighting over the limited resources? If it's not instanced, I just dont understand how it can work.


Beloow explains a few things that might help out:


1) they are working on PvE content to make it better.


2) resources will be an issue at first, however, to combat this something they did at start of Beta1 was up the respawn rate in green and (yellow zones I believe) this let us atleast get a little bit of what we needed.


  • very soon after launch the bigger zerg guilds will be moving out toward their new homes to live out of those in a day or 2 in game and it will relieve a lot of the stress over this.
  • also some of the more experienced players simply skip this part of the game and farm the harder content in smaller groups.
  • another aspect you can do after the initial is to not focus on gathering at first let others do it and focus on combat. you can buy the mats later in game if you wish to craft catching up super fast.


3) while game is multi-platform it will always be primarily pc.


4) there are "instance" based aspects of the game like blue portals that you can get access to for high xp gain but these will be heavily fought over goodluck.


5) when approaching this game remember the are basing themselves around a pvp sandbox aspect of gaming.