Overview of New Weapon Passives in Albion Online

upalbion Date: Nov/02/16 05:11:37 Views: 1351

As you may know, that Albion Online final beta test has been added a lot of new features. The passive spell system has also been overhauled. Here is an overview of every weapon passive spell.


Each weapon now has four different passives to choose between, with each option unlocked at a different tier, thus giving players a wider choice of passive abilities to customize individual playstyles. The below is the list of weapon passives.


  • Adrenaline Driven Charity
  • Aggressive Caster
  • Aggressive Rush
  • Attack Speed
  • Burn
  • Calmness
  • Deep Cuts
  • Dreadladen Fighting
  • Energetic
  • Forceful Bolts
  • Frost
  • Furious
  • Hit & Run
  • Hush
  • Increased Defense
  • Life Leech
  • Magic Force
  • Slow Poison
  • Stunning Strike
  • Temporary Threat Bonus


Using a sword? You can choose between inflicting bleeding, buffing your defenses, draining health, or improving your threat generation as passive abilities. Hammers, meanwhile, can also increase threat passively or drain health, but they can also stun enemies or improve crowd control effects. The functions of weapon passives and where them can be found on are available on the official site.


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