Persistent Mounts Added to Albion Online Next Update

upalbion Date: Oct/23/16 05:36:31 Views: 1105

The Albion Online will be introduced a new feature to our current mount system: persistent mounts. It is convenient for players. This new system will be available in November.


With this new feature, players will be able to be "temporarily dismounted" when gathering crafting materials but as long as they stay within a certain distance of the mount, the load bonus will not be lost. In addition, mount health and player health will be disconnected with the update.


While mounted, using the mount button will no longer fully dismount your character, but instead will put you in a state of being temporarily dismounted. You are no longer sitting on your mount, however you aren't fully dismounted either; your trusty steed will be standing next to you in the open world.


As long as you stay in the vicinity of your mount, you maintain the same load capacity as if you are being mounted. This makes the mode ideal for travelling gatherers, as it allows you to walk freely to resource nodes within your mount's range. If you happen to click on a resource node while mounted, you will automatically be temporarily dismounted and start gathering. And also, all other buffs you get from your mount are removed, such as the speed, armor and crowd control resistance stats.


Under this situation, your mount is safe from danger. As long as you do not engage in active combat yourself, you will remain temporarily dismounted.


If you are not interested in having your ride chill out in the open world, you can still fully dismount. Do remember that if your mount is missing health, it will go on a cooldown.


At the same time, there will be several balance changes coming to the mounts of Albion:


1. A mount's health is no longer linked to its rider. 


2. The mount's speed increase will be adjusted as well, making the progression over tiers more linear.


You can check the whole post via If you are interested, you can try this new feature. By the way, it will come out on November. What's more, Albion online Gold is important when you're playing the game. With enough gold, thus you can enjoy the game.