Personalised Guide for Albion Online Beginners

upalbion Date: Jan/04/16 10:22:13 Views: 1137

There is a quote "you can be whoever you want", and it's actually true... for example, if you enjoy gathering/farming, focus on the tools, craft them, learn how to craft a higher tier ones and stuff, if you prefer being a weapon crafter in a blacksmith, then just focus on the armor and weapons, if you need cheap albion online gold, click here to buy more.

There are not really any "important" crafting stuff in general... it all depends on what you like to do and what kind of stuff are you aiming for to achieve... So yea.. just think about what you want and then just grind for it...


About then weapons:

I prefer daggers as well, but at the same time i like to just blow up people, so i have cloth armor and dagger. Both t4.

About the tiers...

For example t5 will be worse than t4.3 (its just an example) but t5.3 will be WAY better than t4.8(still just an example)

So you just have to read what the armor does, what kind of skills u can get and what stats it has.


About the guild:

No idea mate...

I dont really like guilds.

I prefer playing with friends or randoms.


General tips:

Just play the game!

Like seriously, when i started of i didnt watch any videos, i didnt ask for any tips, i just played the game.


You will figure out everyting yourself!

It's hard at the beggining but once you get used to stuff everything should be fine.