Should the Albion Online be a Term Game?

upalbion Date: May/11/16 14:06:15 Views: 1228

I know SI wants Albion to be a long term game. But I couldn't stop thinking how it would turn out if they actually made seasons. So they made it a bit easier to fame farm. Made X months long seasons where at the end you compete against other guild/alliances about who had most territories, kills, silver, fame gained etc... As a top X guild you will win a prize of cosmetics or something else that doesn't benefit the gameplay into the next season.




With the current state of the game there will always be a stale late-game with people having excessive materials, sets, and silver with very limited options of using it all as the server remains continuous. Believe most people would agree that arguably the best experience this game offers is that initial month or two where everyone is hardcore grinding and then the following 1-2 months after that most guilds remain grinding and constantly GvG. After that point the community starts to dwindle and will continue to shrink the longer the server stays running. Do you really expect new players to give the game a serious try if they run into someone with 2+ month advantage over them in terms of fame and gear?


This isn't the type of game you can release and let it play out indefinitely. This is the type of game that will require regular wipes over time to keep the community interested. Is there any problems with wipes in between say now and release to keep people actually playing the game? I'm sure 9/10 of all Albion players would agree that initial month is the most fun this game has to offer. Not like what happens now means anything so why not just throw in a few wipes so we can enjoy the game in the mean time.


Do you think it is a good thing if the albion online will be a term game?