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What You Should Notice While Playing Albion Online

Albion Online is a representative of the extremely popular MMORPG genre. Producers, wanting to maximally expand the group of gamers, decided to choose a free-to-play model, in which the title can be downloaded completely for free, while developers earn on micropayments.

Albion Online: The Improved Guild Interface In The Video

The development of Albion Online does not stop at the Berlin developers of Sandbox Interactive. Thanks to feedback from recent weeks and months, a few changes to the guild interface will soon be included in the huge Sandbox MMO. Among other things, there will be freely configurable guild roles, container logs for chests, and common guild vaults in the future.

Albion Online Beta Test Of iOS

Albion Online takes another step forward in its adventure to join all the platforms in the same game. The Albion Online team has announced the beginning of the Beta for IOS.

MMORPG Albion Online Dismisses Some Employees

Sandbox Interactive, the developer studio behind the MMORPG Albion Online, has announced some layoffs. You want the team size back to the level before the beta back, which means almost a halving of the studio.

Albion Online - The Expedition Ice And Fire Speedrun Event

Developers MMORPG Albion Online invite you to participate in the expedition "Ice and Fire Speedrun Event". Such an event will start on January 20 at 00:00 GMT. First you will need to find expedition maps in the open world or purchase them from a Vanity Merchants in major cities.

Albion Online Has A Number Of Distinctive Features From Traditional MMORPG

Albion Online is a cross-platform multiplayer medieval game with an open world. In it, gamers can extract resources, create items, build buildings, trade, unite in guilds, capture and retain territories.

Albion Online Launches A New Referral Season

The Breath of Winter came to Albion Online, they tell us from Sandbox Interactive, and it brings a variety of limited-time rewards and special winter activities - as well as the start of the new referral season!

Albion Online Guide For How The Laborers Work

The Housing system in Albion Online consists of building things. Building your home is a big part of that experience. However, the Albion Online housing system does not consist solely of having a decorated house.

Albion Online Guide For Full And Limited PvP

In Albion Online, there are 2 major areas for PvP called limited PvP and full PvP areas. After opening the world map, these two areas will be clearly shown with a special symbol.

Albion Online - A New Beta Version Compatible With iPhone

The official beta test of Albion Online for mobile devices began on November 23rd. Developers from Sandbox Interactive have done a great job. As with any MMO, plans for PC release and mobile platforms have changed many times.

Albion Online - About New Year's Gifts And Siege Engines

Soon you will have the opportunity to fish in any body of water. Catching something with the hook, will start a kind of mini-game, whose complexity will depend on the type of catch.

A Winter Wind Blows On Albion Online

From January 10th to 31st, Winter's Breath will cover Albion with his white coat to earn you many exclusive awards. This event will offer you many freezing activities: chain of Good Deeds, dedicated PvP battles, special expedition... to perfect you with the throwing of snowballs!

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