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Albion Online Guide For Full And Limited PvP

In Albion Online, there are 2 major areas for PvP called limited PvP and full PvP areas. After opening the world map, these two areas will be clearly shown with a special symbol.

Albion Online - A New Beta Version Compatible With iPhone

The official beta test of Albion Online for mobile devices began on November 23rd. Developers from Sandbox Interactive have done a great job. As with any MMO, plans for PC release and mobile platforms have changed many times.

Albion Online - About New Year's Gifts And Siege Engines

Soon you will have the opportunity to fish in any body of water. Catching something with the hook, will start a kind of mini-game, whose complexity will depend on the type of catch.

A Winter Wind Blows On Albion Online

From January 10th to 31st, Winter's Breath will cover Albion with his white coat to earn you many exclusive awards. This event will offer you many freezing activities: chain of Good Deeds, dedicated PvP battles, special expedition... to perfect you with the throwing of snowballs!

Albion Online - Developers Will Continue To Improve Server Performance

Technical Director MMORPG Albion Online David Salz in the new video spoke about the process of improving the performance of the server and beta iOS-version of the game.

Albion Online: The Update Kay And Trailer Are Online

MMORPG Albion Online received a content update Kay. The game was introduced system of seasonal GvG, thanks to which your guild can become famous for the whole server.

Albion Online: The Update Kay Will Arrive On December 6

Less than five months after the release of Albion, here is Kay, the second update of magnitude that will be available from December 6 on the MMORPG sandbox. Kay will bring many improvements and additions while focusing on GvG content.

Kay Update Will Add Three Battle Mounts To Albion Online

In new video of MMORPG Albion Online, game designer Michael Schwahn decided to tell you about some new items in the update Kay.

Albion Online - IOS Client Open Test Started

Sandbox Interactive announced the launch of the beta test of the Albion Online client for devices based on the iOS operating system. Already now you can play MMORPG on live servers, but you must first apply through a special form.

Albion Online - The Performance Situation Will Improve

In the new video, MMORPG Albion Online Chief Technology Officer David Salz spoke about improving performance for Kay update. Over the past few months, developers have made significant changes to the performance associated with bigger fights. A technology was created that allows recording fights at the network level.

Albion Online - It Became More Profitable To Invite Friends

To attract more people to Albion Online, the MMORPG developers have updated the referral system. Now the Trial Keys costs only 500 Gold, that is, 2 times cheaper.

The Future Of Albion Online After The Launch In Summer

The developers of the MMORPG Albion Online have now given an outlook on what the fans can expect for the future after the launch in the summer.

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