Albion Online Guide On Optimizing Your Crop

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One of the most important mechanics in Albion is the harvest. It not only allows you to earn a large amount of money when the resource is sold, but it also allows the manufacture of all the items present in the game. Without harvest, no Albion. Also, it is important for players to be as efficient as possible when they harvest in order to be competitive and profitable over the long term.



How does the harvest work?


Albion operates on a third party principle. There are thirds of resources ranging from 1 to 8 plus enchanted levels from Tier 4 and ranging from 1 to 3. Resources can be harvested using a tier tool less than one-third of the resource as long as the resource is not not enchanted. If the resource is enchanted, it requires the use of a Tier tool. Therefore, in order to recover from the Tier 4 resource, it is necessary to use a Tier 3 tool. To harvest the Tier 4 resource enchanted, a Tier 4 tool is also required. Players can equip themselves with the tool that corresponds to their level of harvest. A Tier 3 gatherers may be equipped with a Tier 3 tool, etc.


Optimize harvest time


The larger the harvest, the greater the harvesting time, and the greater the reputation gained during the harvest. Thus a Tier 4 resource yields 15 reputable points to the harvest while a Tier 5 resource will yield 22 and one-third 6 45. It is important to quickly reach high levels of resources to maximize profitability its harvests according to the time spent to harvest and the number of points reported.


Looking at this table, it is easy to see which will be the most profitable resources to harvest based on the one-third of the tools you are currently working on. Generally, it will therefore be preferred to work directly on one third of the tool concerned or one third just below it. For example, a T6 harvester should harvest third-party resources 5 and 6 to maximize profitability when considering travel time between resources and the ability to harvest enchanted resources. Indeed, the harvesting of enchanted resources boosts drastically the fame obtained at the harvest of a resource. A T4 gives 15 points of renown to the harvest, a T4.1 gives 30 points, a T4.2 gives 45 while a T4.3 gives 60 points.


Use an appropriate mount


It is important to use an appropriate frame when harvesting. If some think it is useful to go out to beef to increase the transport load drastically, this mount is slow and therefore your travel time between each resource node is long. Moreover, it is only viable in secure, blue or yellow areas. In red and black areas, these frames are too slow to be used. The same applies to the horse of third parties.


Horses in armor seem to have poor choices for harvesting because they do not boost the load and yet they not only allow the gank to be released relatively securely as long as they are solid and do not allow for wear extra load, you are absolutely sure that if your mount gets knocked down you will not be overloaded once on the ground. In general, we will appreciate going out with fast mounts like the sombre-wolf and with a good solidity like the lively claw. These mounts can drastically reduce travel times between resource nodes or to your storage space.



Wear a harness and use consumables


Some players underestimate the usefulness of a collector outfit corresponding to its third party. But these outfits increase the percentage yield of your crops according to their level. Indeed, on a T4 outfit when you harvest a resource, you have a 10% chance of a bonus appearing and gives you an additional resource and the corresponding number of additional fame points. On a T5, 20%, on a T6 30% outfit, on a 50% T7 outfit. For example, if the bonus appears on the harvest of a third-party resource 4, you will receive an additional trunk and 30 fame points instead of 15. The backpack of the corresponding resource also reduces the weight of resources to reduce the necessary back and forth between your harvesting site and storage.


Also, it is important to use pies to maximize the crop bonus. There are two types, T5 and T7, the first offer a 10% bonus, while the second offers a 15% bonus. With only equipment, it is possible to increase its harvest yield by 45%, enabling a considerable increase in the harvesting speed over the long term and thus to facilitate access to high third-party resources.


Increase your mastery


When you harvest a resource, you'll unlock certain level levels that allow you to equip yourself with the unlocked third-party stuff. But everything does not stop at this moment, since this level becomes 100 levels of control that gradually increase the yield of the crops. Thus, each level increases not only the power of harvested harvester equipment, but also yield and harvest speed. It is thus possible, once level 100, to have a bonus of 50 in harvest speed and 50% of yield bonus to the harvest of the corresponding third.


When you add up all the bonuses associated with both equipment, consumables and mastery, you can get a total bonus of over 100% bonus, twice the amount of resources and reputation you get.


Using workers


It is possible in Albion Online to employ workers from his personal island. It is enough to do this to employ the workman and to install it in one of your houses. Subsequently, you must give him a completed work book so that he can go in search of the desired resource. So if you're harvesting wood, put a lot of loggers on your island and fill up as many pounds as you go in harvest. Once the books have been filled, give them to your workers who will start to harvest in their turn. In this way, it is possible to get a huge economic boost.


If the activity does not exempt you from collecting on your side it nevertheless allows to multiply your return by the number of workers that you can send at the same time. If you find that improving your island or producing your homes on it is not worth the investment you can also acquire books and sell them more expensive once completed and thus earn a little bit of money together with resources.


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