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  • Travelling Mounted In Open World PvP Is Better In Albion Online? 06/26/2017
    Many players are wondering whether you need to ride a mount when seeing another player on a mount in open world PvP. The key to being successful in any PvP game is to out number and always have the advantage over your opponents.
  • What Kind Of Class More Needed In Albion Online Game 06/24/2017
    In Albion Online, there are some classes that more suitable for some specific modes. In this game, your class depends on what you are wearing. And yes, there are healers and tanks because there are some weapons focused on tanking (with some taunt skills for example) and some staffs that have healing abilities!
  • Download The Version 1.0.326 Of Albion Online Hector 06/23/2017
    Sandbox Interactive continues to rack in improvements to Albion Online, the latest of which is Hector. Yesterday, a new patch of Hector was released to game. It's time to download the second patch of Hector, Version 1.0.326.
  • Albion Online: Five Big World Bosses - Guardians 06/22/2017
    As the official notes revealed, Guardians, the protectors of natural riches have the land's ancient and powerful magic. They are big world bosses and can be found in Tier 6 resource hotspots. If you want to take one on, scout the red and black zones it will spawn since Guardians randomly respawn between 12 and 48 hours after being defeated.
  • Learn The Basics Before Explore Open World PvP In Albion Online 06/21/2017
    Are you interested in some open world PvP? You need to understand the basics before release. In this article, UpAlbion write a summary of some popular questions players would ask when they venturing into Albion Online
  • Albion Online Released The First Patch Of Hector - Version 1.0.324 06/18/2017
    Since the Hector has been released for a week, Albion Online finally released the first patch of the update. The new version 1.0.324 focus on fixing UI bugs, mission selection layout and other problems.
  • Hector Brings 8 New Mounts To Albion Online 06/17/2017
    A good news for new arrivals in the land of Albion! As we know, riding a mount is a great way to travel through the world of Albion. Since Albion Online launched Hector on June 7th, 8 new mounts has been introduced in the game.
  • Albion Online Guide On Growing A Mount 06/16/2017
    Mounts are animals that you can ride in Albion Online and are used to travel across the world. They can increase your speed and carrying capacity. Stats vary depending on type and tier and include weight, load, hit points, hit points generation, and the time it takes to mount up.
  • Albion Online Has Released The Final Big Patch 06/15/2017
    Albion Online, the Sandbox-MMO from Sandbox Interactive from Germany, will be released on 17 July 2017. To prepare the game for the new adventurers, the latest major update, Hector, was released. In addition to Outland revisions, this brings the Black Market and new Hellgates.
  • Albion Online Tips To Create An Efficient Solo-Gatherers - Miner 06/13/2017
    Since we always offer some guides on creating powerful and attractive characters in Albion Online, we'll tell you some tips to build an useful armory who provides the needed materials for new equipment without others' help: solo-gatherers.
  • Albion Online Is Working On Additional Features And Optimizations 06/13/2017
    On July 17, the Albion Online MMORPG will be officially launched. Currently, the developers are still working on additional features and optimizations to make the start as comfortable as possible and the release version to a round game. This also includes the Hector update, which is played before the launch of the MMORPG.
  • Major Changes Of Albion Online From Hector Version 1.0.324 06/12/2017
    The day is closer and closer when Albion Online will finally be released - July 17, 2017. Before that, the developers decided to revise some game mechanics and test the changes in the last major update called "Hector". The installation date for the patch is June 7, and UpAlbion will tell you some details about the new features and major changes.
  • Three Promising Albion Online Guilds Will Coming 06/10/2017
    As the Hector has been published, Albion Online selected three new guilds that promising and rising to help players to overcome some hurdles in their first time exploring of Albion.
  • Other Improvements About The Online Hector Update In Albion Online 06/08/2017
    Since Albion Online presented the Hector update with a huge post of the major in-game changes on June 7. Here we'll show you some details on the improvements of Hector in addition to the "Main Innovations Of The Hector Update".
  • Hector - The Final Content Update For Albion Online's Beta Is Live 06/07/2017
    Yesterday, on June 7, the "Hector" update was installed on the Albion Online game servers. This is the last update before the upcoming official release, which is scheduled for July 17. This means that in the coming month one should not expect any innovations. Developers will focus on correcting bugs and polishing gameplay.
  • Albion Online Updates & Cheap Gold For Sale On UpAlbion 06/06/2017
    After more than a year of beta, Albion Online is preparing for its imminent release on July 17, 2017. Tomorrow releases the Hector update which will be the last patch of content before the release of the Sandbox MMORPG.
  • Why Albion Online Players Enjoy Playing The Cluster Game 06/06/2017
    If you are seeking a new MMORPG to play in 2017, I'll recommend Albion Online, a sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive, set in the medieval fantasy world of Albion.
  • Albion Online Finally Come Close To Its Official Release 06/05/2017
    Unlike typical MMOs, Albion Online is a sandbox game in which you have the freedom to make your story. You can fight other players in intense, action-packed battles where only the best will come out victorious or challenge the mobs in the Albion universe for items and weapons.
  • How To Play With The Black Market In Albion Online 06/03/2017
    The last big update before the official launch of Albion Online brings major changes and improvements into the game. One of the most interesting features of the "Hector" update will be the Black Market. Robin Henkys, Game Director of the Sandbox MMORPG, explains in a new video the mechanics of this system, which will lead to future PvE opponents dropping only objects originally crafted by players.
  • Albion Online Guide On How To Build Flailing Knight Around Positioning 06/02/2017
    The outcome of battles in Albion Online depends on many factors in the open world. But in some special situations, a single engage or counter can change the flow of the entire battle when both groups are just staring at each other from a distance. To create opportunity for their team, players are eager to create highly specialized builds.
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