Albion Online: Travel Through The Lands Of Albion

upalbion Date: Jul/15/17 10:20:46 Views: 1795

The player of Sandbox Interactive is preparing to make its big entry in the immense world of the video game. MMORPG sandbox par excellence, Albion Online promises a rich experience by proposing in particular an economic system forged by the players and a world changing to the sandstone of the fight between the guilds. If you do not know what to expect, then these lines are for you.



Albion Online proposes to its players to forge their own destiny. The system is voluntarily open so that each player can decide which direction to take. Solitary mercenary or legendary woodcutter, your actions alone define who you are and who you will be. The system, builds such sorts that each action gets points of fame (the equivalent of the experience in Albion), allows you to create a character that truly resembles you. It is not impossible to create a tanner assassin if you decide it or even that it is impossible to make his warrior a powerful magician.


"You are what you wear" is one of the maxims that defines Albion most since it is your equipment that will define your skills and spells and therefore your martial abilities. If you are wearing heavy armor, expect to have defensive skills. If you wear a stick, you can use spells. But to get equipment, it must already be produced, or purchased. And it is here that the rich economy of soft comes into play.


If it is possible to build everything in the title, it is also possible to buy everything and sell everything. Travel through the Albion lands to harvest resources that you can then refine or sell. Once refined, you can even turn them into more interesting objects like weapons or protections. If the easiest is to harvest and sell, there is no guarantee that this is the most lucrative in the long run. The economy is governed by the laws of the market. Otherwise, you can just as well be lazy and just loot on the dead bodies of your freshly killed opponents.


Albion wants to be difficult, so that the death of your character leads to the loss of the material carried at the moment of death. It is to prevent these inconveniences that it is therefore necessary, in any case strongly advised, to join a guild to help you between players. Not only will joining a guild allow you to specialize in order to complement your skills with other players, but you will also be able to fight for control of Albion lands by fighting against other guilds and gaining control over certain resources.


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