Albion Online Tricks for PvE Archer

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Archer is a burst-type dps class that revolves around priority skills. Here are tips and tricks to help you bacome a better Archer.


Archers have a unique playstyle, which relies on making the most optimal and efficient rotations with some things that might be called "Priority Skills".  It has several tools, such as endurance debuffs and traps; making Archers both a monster for DPS at the top level while providing great utility to the party. 


Tricks for Archer

Final Salvo Canceling

It may be the best skills in the game with the ability to cancel the whole animation of a charge shot is insane as it gives a bigger opening for more dps time. After a charge shot has been shot at once hit Final Salvo. Here is where people get oddly confused. As it is one of your worst dps skills. This means that you shouldn't hold the skill for the full duration. What you want to do is only tap the skill, so that one arrow goes off and you can continue back to your real dps skills.


Recoil Repositioning

The 3 charge shots that archer has to offer all have some kind of recoil at the end of them. The recoils differ in animation lag and how far you get pushed back. Note that recoil isn't necessarily always bad, and it can sometimes be the optimal play when you're trying to reposition without throwing out a Backstep or Breakaway Bolt.


Radiant Arrow, after casted, has a knock back of 4 meters when not overcharged. When overcharged, it has a knock back of 3 meters. You can use this in a situation where a boss is doing a mechanic that requires running away a certain distance. So, if you're min/maxing your dps then you can charge Radiant Arrow while getting away from the boss, then releasing to have the recoil get you into safety.


Double Brooching

When trying to get the utmost DPS, players often use two brooches. These brooches are Empowered Brooch and Quickcarve Brooch. The problem is that usually one brooch is only used continuously again throughout the fight because there is no way to get out of combat to switch brooches, making it easy to utilise both. So players will have two brooches in their inventory, but after the beginning of the fight only have access to one. 


Open up your character screen and create two sets, one with the Quickcarve Brooch and one with the Empowered Brooch (Rest of gear is identical usually). In the middle of the fight when it is time to double brooch simply Feign Death, swap to one of the sets, pop the brooch, swap to the other set and then it is safe to back into combat.


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