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New Albion Online Trailer: Where Are Your Limits

As the Albion Online was released, more details of the new upgraded game have been posted. One of these is a new trailer released by the developer team.

Albion Online Released Its Launch Patch On July 17

Albion Online, a new sandbox-style MMORPG, is open to both casual and seasoned players. After a last beta session last March, Albion Online, a new sandbox-style MMORPG, finally opened its servers to the general public with its launch patch on July 17th.

It's Time To Start Your Journey In Albion Online

MMORPG Albion Online has been in testing since 2015, and finally the project was released. For a few years the developers have come a long way and improved almost all aspects of the game. Only in recent months there have been several major updates - Hellgates, Black Market, Galahad and Hector, who added a lot of interesting novelties to the world of Albion.

Albion Online - Private Island And Workers

Islands are special separate locations for your character or guild. On the island you can build various buildings from a personal house to a farm. Here we'll look at what this system is for and what it is like.

Albion Online: Build Various Buildings In Your Island

In MMORPG Albion Online, the islands are separate locations for your character or guild. It is there that players have the opportunity to build various buildings. And to prepare you for the release, which is held on July 17, we suggest that you study a small survey on the islands.

Albion Online: Travel Through The Lands Of Albion

The player of Sandbox Interactive is preparing to make its big entry in the immense world of the video game. MMORPG sandbox par excellence, Albion Online promises a rich experience by proposing in particular an economic system forged by the players and a world changing to the sandstone of the fight between the guilds. If you do not know what to expect, then these lines are for you.

Albion Online - Intro Video Shows You The Country Of Albion

No longer long, then start the adventures in the Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. The Intro Video was now published for the mood.

Albion Online Launched The New Introduction Video

Have you noticed Albion Online released a new introduction video?

Albion Online: Best Build For Solo PvE & Skinning

Considering making skinning your main gathering skill? Unlike the other ones, it requires killing quite a few mobs. Many players expect to be doing quite a bit of solo PvE as well, and thought it might be wise to optimize for both.

Albion Online Guide For Agriculture

In line with our content about the MMO of Sandbox Interactive, today we offer a guide about Albion Online agriculture.

Albion Online: Each Class Is Defined By A Range Of Weapons

It might be time to take stock of the different classes of Albion Online. What a weapon orientation will change to your role in a group, you should make a quick point about the functioning of the classes in itself.

Albion Online Introduce The New Starter Packs To Players

Albion Online announced the official release of the brand-new Starter Packs before the game launches.

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