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New Abilities and Spells in Cador

Albion Online update Cador brings a plethora of new abilities, some of which we introduce here.

How Conquering City Plots Works in GvG

Removing a shield is achieved by launching a successful "Conquer" attack against the territory. I've listed a few bullets below which is my current understanding.

Albion Online: a New Death Machanic

A big content update dubbed Cador has been live in Albion Online. An interesting new feature is the new death mechanic which will have a player knocked down first, when their hit points run out first.

Albion Online: Content Update Cador

Sandbox Interactive has unleashed the Cador update to Albion Online that brings a number of big changes to the game including a overhauled UI, new bosses and dungeons. Content is available for both single players and groups.

Basic Weapons Guides in Albion Online

Weapons can do two types of damage, physical or magical. Most melee and ranged weapons do physical damage aside from the magic staffs which all do magical damage.

Albion Online: Tips For Alliances

With all the concern lately about alliance sizes, I'd like to see a discussion here solely about Alliances. I have my own ideas. I'd like to bounce around everyone here and see what you think.

Study Crafting in Albion Online

Crafting is the final step of a three-part process to create usable items, after Gathering / Farms and Refining / Pastures. The great majority of equipment and consumable items in Albion Online are made via crafting.

Albion Online: How to Capture and Defend a Territory

We have come up with a design concept for a new guild vs guild system which we believe presents a nice balance between open world fighting that are not too zergy and 5v5 battles.

Prozerg is the Future of Albion Online Incapacited Death System

In Albion, a zerg could be wiped after 3-4 different fights against other lesser zergs. But with the new cahnges, they won't have any casualties in pvp which create a new law in the game; "bigger your zerg is and closer you get to immortality"...

Best Way to Get a Horse in Albion Online for a Newbie

I've been playing a couple of days now and i'm in the middle of Tier 2. I'm starting to feel the need to buy/get a horse, but i'm not sure which way should i go. ^easiest way since u wont be needing gold in this beta anyway and if u do u can always buy some later when u have more silver

How to Add Albion Online in Linux's Start Menu

I just found that Albion online can't show up in my Linux Mint 17.3 distro start menu. So I looked up a way to add it and it turned out to be very easy. I thought I would share this here as it may be of use for other users. This method should work with any Linux distribution using Gnome, KDE, XFCE or LXDE as desktop manager.

Some PVP Content advices to Albion Developers

I wanna tell to the developers so simple advice that everybody can think about this mechanics so easy. This is a closed beta and off course game will change a lot but this game is not let you to fight against zergs if u dont change a small mechanics.

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